Trivium IP

creates uniqueness through IP

Do you have a unique idea, product or service differentiating you from your competitors? You shall exploit it, to gain the competitive advantage you deserve!

Trivium IP can support you in this adventure. With long experience in Intellectual Property, our patent attorneys have the expertise to contribute throughout the whole IP life cycle. All with the aim to enhance your business possibilities by navigating with you the IP landscape.

Trivium IP is a Sweden based Scandinavian Intellectual Property consulting firm from Malmö, Øresund region. Trivium IP provides support and expertise to protect and perpetuate uniqueness of ideas, products and services, monitor competitors patent activities, evaluate information to provide recomendations to stakeholders. All in all, provide the tools and the information so the stakeholders can take decisions to improve their business possibilities. 

Our patent attorneys have worked within numerous sectors such as governmental patent offices, private companies, organizations, and with individuals. Their in-depth knowledge throughout the IP life cycle, especially patents, is obtained from having held various patent attorney and management positions at top world industry companies and recognized private practice firms in Scandinavia. 

Trivium IP provides the service of a flexible outsourced resource or the service of performing specific consulting tasks including:

Data base searching & Analyzing

Drafting & Prosecution

Opposition & Defending

Advising & Teaching

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